Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bunny show is fast approaching!

Some sneak peaks of some fabulous bunny!  Bunny show opens April 9th at the eve-N-odd gallery!  Starts at 8 pm and ends at 11 pm... see you there!

Tomorrow night! OPEN LATE!

5-10$ Sales, country western records, Open mic, HENNA tattoos...
Ramblin' Rose , Eve-n-ODD, Kathryn Cole Jewelry + more
Bring yer friends and family for a good ol' time ♥

6-9 p.m. at the Crislip arcade!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the Stuffed Bunny show!

Greetings earthlings!  Hi! Anyone who submits a bunny for the bunny show... please be sure to check the facebook page for a picture of your bunny!  Feel free to comment on the pics and leave your websites, blogs and etsy shop links so that people can see what YOU are about!  Thank you for your participation!  All bunnies are due by April 1st and if you have any questions... please email Jennifer at 
Adamandia Kapsalis sent in "AmphiBunnian" $33.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello Pup!

eve-N-odd gallery has t-shirts!

David Berube t-shirt $15 each!

Dawn Schreiner t-shirts $25 each. 
eve-N-odd has several t-shirt designs by artists David Berube and Dawn Schreiner.  They range in price from a child's size for $12 to $25.  Please come by and have a look!  Just think you will be wearing a limited edition shirt... not something that everyone will have! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011


So... what do you do when you have mounds of fabric??  You have a fabric sale!  Come by the Crislip arcade to get your hands on some serious Yardage!  Excellent prices!  ALL SORTS OF STUFF and all brand new... minus some storage time! See you at eve-N-odd tomorrow 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Poster for the Bunny Show!

If you would like to download and print your own Stuffed Bunny Show poster--CLICK HERE!

Japan-ebay-bunny show...

I hope all of your are getting your bunnies finished and in the mail to eve-N-odd!  Show opening is going to be April 9th so I really need your bunny by April 1st!  Please! :-)

I made a bunny yesterday and I just love her!  And... she is up for bid on ebay.  100% of the sale price will go to aid Japan.  I wanted to do something and donate to the cause so this is my humble offering.  There are several bids already and I hope if you are interested in her that you will bid also.  It's for a good cause.  HERE IS THE LINK.

And here are a few pictures of Aika, a Japanese girl bunny with name meaning, "love song."

Monday, March 14, 2011

Today 3-14-11

It's nice to have some four legged visitors! Welcome to the arcade pups!

Today I worked on this quilt.  Also take a look at the new Hugo lamp that he brought in Saturday night! It's a hand-painted lamp shade and it's just wonderful! $50 for you!

Here is a recent doll that I made.  I think I have her priced at $25.  She is stuffed with eco wool and is a real gem!

More bunnies are coming in every day for the stuffed bunny show so I hope you are working on yours! They are due April 1st.  Email Jennifer here for more info:

I hope you are having an excellent week thus far.  My thoughts and prayers going out to the people in Japan.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Be sure to come by and see the Birds of a Feather show... lots of great work still avaliable!

Natty Moss Bond snake peg boards--$30 each!
NYC artist, David Berube's bird house $50
work of Coralette Damme, aka the Crafy Hag
Hugo Porcaro and Jennifer Kosharek pieces
Some of these pieces are still available!
Natty Moss Bond chicken art!
Hugo Porcaro hand painted stool $50

the Localista features eve-N-odd!

The Localista is Sheri Kendrick and Olga Bof!  Sheri is the photographer and owns her own photography studio called Enchanted Forest photography.   Olga Bof is a local business woman and writer!  Together they make a dynamic duo!  Please have a look at their article in the i love the burg website!!

Birds of a Feather Fly Together art show Opening last night!

Last night was such a fun time... seeing all the bird art and all the bird art lovers!  Here are a few photos of some of our honored guests!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hugo Porcaro, Jr

Hugo dropped off his work today for the "Birds of a Feather Fly Together" show.  He also dropped off this neat little box of art--"Art for Pocket Change."  Literally you can get an original Hugo piece for whatever price you want to pay.  Please stop by the gallery and pick out yourself a piece of art!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today at the Crislip Arcade!

Rebecca Zapen delivers her Japanese Bathhouse CD--to eve-N-odd! Come by and hear it and buy your own copy!

Sheri and Olga make up the Localista! Stay Tuned!

Kathryn Cole hard at work in the Crislip arcade!

My moo!

next week!

Rowan Hellyer's bunny!

I'm getting really excited about the bunny show--Bunnies are due April 1st! Rowan Hellyer's bunny came all the way from Bosnia!