Tuesday, April 26, 2011

eve-N-odd will be closed Friday but, OPEN at MADE HERE!

"MADE HERE" is almost here! The FREE event is this Friday, April 29th
from 12-8PM at the Palmetto Art Center.

Imagine this: You are in a clean, welcoming space seeing neat things exceptional artists and craftspeople hand make. Live music is playing in the background. The artists and musicians live here; they might even be your neighbors. While you browse, you think of Mother's Day, end-of-school, graduation, birthdays, the hostess of your next invite...and you buy a few thoughtful, one-of-a-kind wares. When you are finished shopping, or if you're not a shopper, you might even skip right to this part: You trade your unwanted-but-in-good-condition craft supplies at the swap shop. You make something at the craft table with a little guidance from us and take it with you...this is fun and satisfying -no matter how old you are. You bring $5 and a t-shirt to be screen printed on the spot. You eat fresh, tasty, locally made edibles. You drink water, coffee, or soda. If it's after 4PM, you enjoy wine or beer. You mingle, you have fun, you get inspired, and you support your creative community.

Do you want to BE HERE? Bring your family and friends and enjoy
"MADE HERE" this Friday, April 29th from 12-8PM at the Palmetto Art Center.

Come see the new work of Jennifer Kosharek at this MADE HERE event! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

ERF day tomorrow!

So, for all of you looking for something to do tomorrow... come celebrate ERF day on the 600 Block... Stop by eve-N-odd to make a recycled piece of mail art to send to CRANKY YELLOW! Cranky Yellow is our brotha gallery located in St. Louis, MO.  Seriously, it's gonna be a fun mail art activity.  I hope you can make it!  I will also have free info and coupons from Nature's Finest Foods!  So stop by sometime between 9:30 am and 5 pm!

AND, don't forget to buy your one-of-a-kind bunny!!! We still have a great selection!

Some cool chics who came by today!  :

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seriously, time to buy hand made bunnies!

Stop on by the eve-N-odd gallery and enjoy some freshly stuffed bunnies!  All of our bunnies are artist made and come with a love-ability guarantee. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jane Wang and Mobius

Hi everyone!  Opening night is quickly approaching!  It's going to be a really exciting opening!  April 9th from 8pm to 11 pm!  This is Jane Wang's bunny creation! Jane was so nice to add the Stuffed Bunny Show to the Mobius website, where she is an active artist and curator.
  Take a gander HERE! And here is a little info about Mobius:

"Mobius (est. 1977) is a non-profit, artist-run organization, whose mission is to generate, shape and test experimental art. The members of the organization believe an effective strategy for supporting this art is to establish grounds that build relationships among fellow artists.  Mobius is committed to structuring environments that foster projects incorporating a wide range of disciplines.  This approach sets in motion situations where the artist's impact can be seen locally, nationally and internationally.  Constructing art initiatives outside accepted frameworks and encouraging animated discourse with the public are fundamental to Mobius.

Mobius has long been committed to creating artist exchange projects bringing artists from different geographic regions to work together. The international exchange projects with artists from Macedonia, Croatia, Poland, and Taiwan have focused on site-specific and publicly-sited work. Mobius has presented work involving thousands of artists over its 30-year history and is recognized as one of the seminal alternative, artist-run organizations in the U.S."

Featuring Jen Musatto at the Stuffed Bunny show!

Jen Musatto has emerged into the plush art world sparking insatiable interest and wonderment from artisans and art enthusiasts alike. Finding her passion for art early on, Musatto began to "draw on" her talents for painting and drawing. Residing in the rural suburbs west of Chicago and supported by her husband and two children she finds solace in sewing bits and pieces of fabric together watching limbs, torsos and features come to life. Most importantly, telling the story of each doll, are the enthralling faces hand-crafted by Musatto, which captivate even the most dispassionate observers. With just the right amount of whimsical embellishments and wonder, her inceptions peak a fury of wonder upon first glance.  Them Dollz are not just dolls. Delicately teetering on the cusp of delightfully dark and deviant, these conspicuous creations are currently residing in their temporary location; Musatto's artofme Etsy shop. From amusing monsters and quaint zombies to slightly erratic bunnies and wayward creatures, Them Dollz have earned Musatto a proud position on the Etsy Plush Team; a group of ├╝ber-unique and talented plush-makers from around the globe.

Wherever you may find yourself within the art world, whether an avid collector or just a casual admirer, Them dollz will surely conjure up our inextinguishable appreciation for plush art and may help subdue the cantankerous little monster in all of us.

Please join eve-N-odd at the opening of the Stuffed Bunny show this Saturday night from 8 pm to 11 pm.  It will be a busy night for the 600 block too because it will be the 600 Block after dark event!   Jen's art bunny doll, Gwin,  will be available for purchase. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011


This week... got this wonderful box of tstuffs from Cranky Yellow!  Cranky is a great gallery/shop in St. Louis, MO.  Check out Cranky HERE.
And on facebook... HERE

Which reminds me... have you "liked" eve-N-odd on facebook?  Well get to it! HERE!

New work in the gallery--by Lover-Lee Designs!

monkey necklaces $12.

bracelets $35, ribbon necklaces $18

monkey necklaces $12, ribbon necklace/pin $18


earrings $15