Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snowflakes for the Children of Sandy Hook.

Last Saturday night we made snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary.  The children of Sandy Hook will be starting school at a new, empty school after the break and the Conneticut PTSA launched a call for snowflakes to fill the school.  eve-N-odd thought we could help with this project.  We did not have a huge turnout but those who came out worked hard and made some beautiful snowflakes.  Others have brought some beautiful pieces since.  I look forward to sending them to the new school this week.

SNOWFLAKE PROJECT for SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL was launched by the Conneticut PTSA today, for anyone who would like to take part:

"Snowflakes for Sandy Hook - Please help the students of Sandy Hook have a winter wonderland at their new school! Get Creative!! No two snowflakes are alike. Make and send snowflakes to Connecticut PTSA, 60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103, Hamden, CT 06514, by January 12, 2013."

photo by Velva Lee Heraty

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Trinkets from Heaven 3

For the 3rd year in a row we'll be having a Trinkets From Heaven show! The concept is plenty of local art, affordable prices and beautiful unique gifts! The show will be for the whole month of December! Official opening will be the artwalk night, December 8th 6-10 pm!

The Last Vispo Anthology book launch!

eve-N-odd presents the Last Vispo Anthology...
a book launch!
Saturday, November 24th 6-9 pm
Prints on display and the book for sale!  
The Last Vispo Anthology has three purposes: to document the recent upsurge in visual poetry, to make visual poetry available to a wider audience, and to be used as a pedagogic tool in poetry and art curriculum at the secondary and post-secondary level. This anthology is global in scope with 148 contributors from 23 countries, with proportionally more women than previous anthologies. The Last Vispo documents a decade, 1998 to 2008, in which a burst of activity surfaced through the advent of computerization ...
across the world of visual poetry – similar to the mail art movement of the 1980s. The work in this decade pushed deeper by reveling in the semiotics of alphabets, the signifying contours of letters, words, phrases, and their concomitant spaces. Susan Tichy, professor of English at George Mason University, argues that in her graduate seminar on visual poetry, her students gain a broader sense of what a poem is, what a poet does. This anthology has the potential to stimulate emerging writers in ways that conventional curricula does not.

The Last Vispo Anthology extends the dialectic between art and literature that began with the concrete poetry movement fifty years ago.

Acutely aware that no major international anthology highlighting the cumulative wealth of visual poetry had been published since the 1970s, the editors began in 2008 to put such a book together, a selection of visual poetry created worldwide since 1998. Why 1998? Visual poetry appeared to be in a period of rapid expansion: for poets (new digital tools) and for readers (thousands and thousands of visual poems an internet click away). Even the mainstream magazine Poetry opened its pages for the first time to visual poems (and even more work was made available on-line). Dozens of blogs around the world post samples of visual poetry and review exhibitions and publications of visual poetry. The timing is right for a collective statement, for a big, brimming book of recent visual poetry.


Crag Hill & Nico Vassilakis

Thursday, November 1, 2012

HUGO Hallelujah!!

Artwalk night eve-N-odd gallery is thrilled to bring you local legend, Hugo Porcaro Jr. in his one man show: Hugo Hallelujah! Hugo Porcaro Jr. has been creating art in the area since the 1980s. His art has been heavily collected by locals but also has had a national and international platform. His portrait of the Clintons can be found at the Clinton Library in Little Rock, AR. Eckerd graduate, Hugo's work is very free flowing and whimsical. It has an unmistable style and brings delight to all that see it! Please join us on November 10th from 6-10pm for Hugo Porcaro Jr's one-man extravaganza at the eve-N-odd gallery!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

LOST TALENT: Identity Theft

This show has been a long time coming...  I hope you join eve-N-odd gallery in welcoming
 in his one man show:
October 13th
7pm to 10pm
Lost Talent is a Detriot based artist who specializes in hand cut stencils. 

Best of the Bay and Vertical Tampabay

Hey last night eve-N-odd won Creative Loafing's Best of the Bay--"Best Cute Lil'l Gallery Space" award!  It was lovely to get an award--thanks Creative Loafing!!!

And today Vertical Tampabay came out with 3 year anniversary edition of the magazine!  Please check out the artwork by me and the article about the Gallery!  Visit to see all the latest styling trends!  Please go read the full article!  :-)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

LETTERS: a mail art show

Mark your calender!  eve-N-odd has been gearing up for about a year for this art show! 
September 8th will be the opening of LETTERS: a mail art show
Come by the gallery from 7:30 to 10 pm to enjoy the display of mail art and also fluxus performances! 

by Andrew Topel

Bruno Chiarlone

Jan Theuninek

Jennie Hinchcliff

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Impossible Photographers!

The anti pixel movement is alive and well in Tampa Bay.  Have you ever heard of the Impossible Project? Eve-N-odd gallery is excited to bring you two adventurers who chose not to be called photographers but they do steal time and capture moments.  Michael and Cherry Collins believe in experiences and instant gratification.  The gallery will be displaying 60 of their photographs .   Cherry uses a SX70 Polaroid and Nigo color shade film.  Micael uses a Polaroid 680 and PX680 color shade film.  The duo use film made by the Impossible project!  The Impossible Project, in 2008, took over the last Polaroid film factory in Enschede, Netherlands.  They have been determined to reinvent instant film gratification.  Please join eve-N-odd in celebrating the subtle color and subtle meanings in Michael and Cherry's captured moments on August 10th from 5-8pm.  Show runs until the 31st. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012


This Friday, JULY 13th,  the eve-N-odd gallery is pleased to present a one woman show called, "My 1970's Childhood."  Katherine Michael will take us down her memory lane via her folk art paintings.  The opening will be from 5-8pm at the gallery.  The gallery is going to be stuffed to the gills... with great art!  And this will be your only opportunity to meet the artist!  Katherine Michael is well known and highly collected in the Folk Art community.  Please take a minute to check out her website

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gretchen Wants to See the World! Facebook based photo contest

Gretchen wants to see the world! Photo contest! Print Gretchen out… bring her with you on vacation or your trip to the grocery store! Or photoshop her in to your photos! Send your pics to and I’ll post them on the gallery’s facebook page.  Voting ends by August 31, 2012. Prizes to be awarded based upon facebook voting!

Monday, June 4, 2012


Hello everyone! I am thrilled to be announcing the opening of the "Coloring Book show."  Friday, June 22 will be opening night... 5pm to 7:30pm! 
The Coloring Book show is two-fold... there will be illustrations and art hanging on the wall and secondly, there is a published soft cover coloring book, "Color" available for purchase.  64 artists come together to make one coloring book.  64 illustrations for your coloring pleasure!  Pre-sales are available HERE.  Every artist will receive a free copy of the book.  This project was funded by a KICKSTARTER.  Which means that generous donations payed for the printing and shipping of the books!
Here is a list of the participating artists: from as far away as Japan and Brazil and as close to home as the 600 Block of Central Avenue! 

David Berube
Angela Ferrara
Gregory Dirr
Nicolas Caesar
Jared Konopitski
Heidi Daige
Linda Evans
Katherine Michael
Stasi Sparrow
Rain Rien
Matt Deterior
Michael Orr
Lorraine Kwan
Derek Donnelly
Heidi Jones
buZ blurr
Gary Barwin
Peter Lewis
Chad Mize
Lee VonLotzen
Adam Northrop
Steven Salzman
Kazunori Murakami
Terry Pivinsky
Jenny Brockwell-Frank
Theo Nelson
Madison Zalopany
Yanuary Irasema Navarro
Hugo Porcaro
Christopher Reynolds
Kristi Capone
Julian Capone
Rebekah Stevenson
Francis Haney
Willie Marlow
Amanda Lafferry
Dickie Harper
Jennifer Kosharek
Coralette Damme
Robert Phelps
Catherine Cross Tsintzos
Adamandia Kapsalis
Terry Pipitone
Calan Ree
Leeanna Butcher
Mimi Hernandez
T.J. Brown, Stephanie Zapata, and A.J.

Anat BarAmTaler
Marylin Miller
Lost Talent
Cynthia Linville
David Wolk
Kathryn Cole
Sharon Steel 

Sylwia Waluszko
Ryan Orosz

***Artists will be able to pick up their copy opening night... out of towners--your book will be mailed to you! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Global Sketchbook Project Day!

I have participated in several Arthouse Coop projects but the project that I love the most is the SKETCHBOOK project.  I have completed 5 sketchbooks and four of them can be seen in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Art Library, the first one... can be seen at the gallery this weekend! (this was a sketchbook done before the Library was invented)  I have been to NY for one of the Sketchbook Project openings and last summer I traveled to Maitland, FL to see the traveling sketchbook show.  So when Arthouse declared June 3rd as Global Sketchbook Project day... well I had to get on board!  eve-N-odd gallery is proud to host the day... celebrating with live demos, personal sketchbooks to have a gander at, snacks and even add-N-pass sketchbooks to participate in.  So I hope you come out to the Crislip arcade and see what we have going on this Sunday--from 11 am to 3 pm! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hi!  Would you like to support the arts?  I do a lot of group art projects and this time around I will be making a group coloring book.  I want the book to be a professionally bound undertaking.  I have started a KICKSTARTER Project where anyone can donate money--as little as a dollar!  There are incentives for people to donate--like thank you gifts of original art!   I hope you take time out to GIVE to the gallery. 

I am still looking for illustrations for the coloring book show.  The show will be in two parts--1) A jpeg of the line drawing emailed to me at: 2) An original piece of art sent to the gallery to be hung on the wall for the show opening!  I hope you consider joining in on the fun!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Angela Dickerson and Cindy Psynner doing some yarnbombing!
yarn bombed tree by Marilyn Miller

Angela Dickerson adds a plant cozie!

Kristi Capone yarn bombing a vintage telephone

See you Saturday night at the eve-N-odd gallery!  6:30-10pm!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break Fun!

Next week--I'm planning some fun crumbcake activities... if your crumbcake is interested in: making a painted stained glass candle holder (tues), designer art jeans (wed.)or a stenciled shirt (thurs.)... lemmie know--Tues, Wed, and Thurs... 1-2:30. $15 per child. Multiple sibling discounts... **tues. you need to bring an empty jar **wed. you need to bring a pair of light colored jeans ** thurs. you need to bring a light colored t-shirt.  Please email me if you are interested!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hey there! We had a great time at the opening of the Hipstamatic Print show!

photo by Phil Bishop

photo by Phil Bishop

photo by Phil Bishop

photo by Phil Bishop

photo by Phil Bishop

photo by Phil Bishop
Many Thanks to the contributors to this event:
Cindy Linville, Angela Ferrara, Rachel Thompson, Teresa Yates Green, Chad Mize, Marilyn Miller, Marilyn Philbrick, Kathleen Huff Barry, Jennifer Leland Collette, Sonja Benskin Mesher,  James Branaman, Matt Deterior, Casey W. Arvin, Carmela Zabala, Marianne Wysocki, Tara Priddle, Gretchen Myers, Kyle Randall, Kristin Randall, Sierra Hodge, Rebekah Lazaridis, Kathryn Cole, Bart McLeroy, Kathleen McHugh, Phil Bishop, Stefano Pasquini, Fiona Christian,  Stephen Colon, Fran Haney, Charlotte Cooper and Susan Riggs.

Special thanks to Phil Bishop who not only entered work in the show but also helped document the evening!  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I worked on the logo for this event!  The kick off of the St. Pete Indie Market will be this Saturday!  Rosey from Ramblin' Rose... has done a great job organizing this event.  Please come and show your support for the ARTS!

**Saturday March 3rd, 2012 12pm-6pm**

"St. Pete Indie Market is a monthly showcase of local artists, indie designers, horticulturists, eclectic crafters and non profit groups who take over the sidewalks of the 600 block artist community the first saturday of every month. This is a unique destination for artisans, progressives, tourists and locals to come together in an outdoor alternative to retail setting. With 20+ vendors, local musicians and live art, the St. Pete Indie Market is a vital weekend destination for those in search of local flavor and the indie spirit."

Vendors will be hand selected and showcased along the 600 block sidewalk among the shops and galleries. For inquiries about being a vendor, please email

Local Artists, Indie Designers, Skilled Crafters, Musicians, Herbalists, Horticulturists, Non Profit/Activists Groups, Anything Funky!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


New ROOTS NEWS… featured a few of St. Petersburg finest businesses—community heroes!  One of them is Olga Bof who is the head of Keep St. Petersburg Local.  And if you want to see me making faces.. it’s at 5:20.  Which has nothing to do with the greatness of this video but wanted to mention it… cause I dunno… it feels good to be on a video…  Thank you to the Keep St. Petersburg Local organization for featuring many of the 600 block businesses—we totally need you.  Thanks!

AND>>>> Bay News 9 also did a clip about KEEP ST.PETERSBURG LOCAL! 
Check it out HERE! Thank you Bay News 9! You rock! 

And remember your Hipstaprints are due March 1st! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I hope you are getting your hipstamatic/instagram/square format ipod/iphone/smart phone photography entries in!  Due March 1st!!! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


WOW, one year! In celebration of eve-N-odd's one year anniversary... I'd like to invite you to send in your best Hipstamatic prints! Send in 1 to 3 hard copy images to make a giant photographic quilt in the gallery! More details:

Hipstamatic print art show: March 10th 2012 at the Eve N odd gallery.

OPEN Call for entries! 1-3 photos per hipster—4”, 7” or 10” prints. SASE for return. 65/35 split for sales. THEME is: OPEN. Locals may drop off and pick up.
Otherwise send to:
eve-N-odd gallery, 645 Central Avenue #11, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
direct questions to THANKS! PHOTOS DUE FEBRUARY 25th 2012

MOVEABLE TYPE, Kyle Durrie... a pleasure to meet you!

I have to say this is one of the best events that eve-N-odd had anything to do with!  Such a pleasure to meet the traveling letterpress owner, Kyle Durrie.  She has been to over 120 cities throughout the USA and Canada since July!  Pretty amazing!  Thanks to everyone who came out to see how a letterpress works!  It was a fun day! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

JANUARY 22, 2012 1-4pm

Traveling Letterpress to hit St. Petersburg!!!!!!!
JANUARY 22nd 1-4pm!
Moveable Type is a truck that contains a letter press and is traveling to St. Petersburg, FL... and parking outside of the Crislip arcade/eve-N-odd gallery!
The truck runs on donations so I hope the community comes out and tries out the letterpress and donates to the cause! 
photo via moveable type

About the Project:

"Quite literally, moveable type is the system of printing that uses moveable pieces of type – individual letters, numbers, characters – to reproduce the elements of a document. Invented in China, but popularized by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440, moveable type was like the internet for the 15th century, allowing widespread reproduction of printed materials like books, announcements, and advertising. Today, moveable type is associated with the art of letterpress printing. It is also a project involving 1982 Chevy step van and a few thousand pounds of lead, wood, iron, and love.

My name is Kyle Durrie.  I’m a letterpress printer from Portland, Oregon and the proprietor of Power and Light Press.

I am inspired by wobbly lines, history, overheard conversations, logs, whiskey, trains, the color brown, the Wild West, dogs, salt water, road maps, vintage office supplies, and beards, among other things. I also love crossword puzzles, swimming in creeks, green chile, adventures, and occupying small spaces.

But two of my favorite things in the world are printing and road trips. These two things kept getting in the way of one another in my life, though; they seemed mutually exclusive. I wanted to figure out a way to do both things at the same time."