Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Global Sketchbook Project Day!

I have participated in several Arthouse Coop projects but the project that I love the most is the SKETCHBOOK project.  I have completed 5 sketchbooks and four of them can be seen in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Art Library, the first one... can be seen at the gallery this weekend! (this was a sketchbook done before the Library was invented)  I have been to NY for one of the Sketchbook Project openings and last summer I traveled to Maitland, FL to see the traveling sketchbook show.  So when Arthouse declared June 3rd as Global Sketchbook Project day... well I had to get on board!  eve-N-odd gallery is proud to host the day... celebrating with live demos, personal sketchbooks to have a gander at, snacks and even add-N-pass sketchbooks to participate in.  So I hope you come out to the Crislip arcade and see what we have going on this Sunday--from 11 am to 3 pm! 

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