Thursday, January 12, 2012

JANUARY 22, 2012 1-4pm

Traveling Letterpress to hit St. Petersburg!!!!!!!
JANUARY 22nd 1-4pm!
Moveable Type is a truck that contains a letter press and is traveling to St. Petersburg, FL... and parking outside of the Crislip arcade/eve-N-odd gallery!
The truck runs on donations so I hope the community comes out and tries out the letterpress and donates to the cause! 
photo via moveable type

About the Project:

"Quite literally, moveable type is the system of printing that uses moveable pieces of type – individual letters, numbers, characters – to reproduce the elements of a document. Invented in China, but popularized by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440, moveable type was like the internet for the 15th century, allowing widespread reproduction of printed materials like books, announcements, and advertising. Today, moveable type is associated with the art of letterpress printing. It is also a project involving 1982 Chevy step van and a few thousand pounds of lead, wood, iron, and love.

My name is Kyle Durrie.  I’m a letterpress printer from Portland, Oregon and the proprietor of Power and Light Press.

I am inspired by wobbly lines, history, overheard conversations, logs, whiskey, trains, the color brown, the Wild West, dogs, salt water, road maps, vintage office supplies, and beards, among other things. I also love crossword puzzles, swimming in creeks, green chile, adventures, and occupying small spaces.

But two of my favorite things in the world are printing and road trips. These two things kept getting in the way of one another in my life, though; they seemed mutually exclusive. I wanted to figure out a way to do both things at the same time."

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