Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Featuring Jen Musatto at the Stuffed Bunny show!

Jen Musatto has emerged into the plush art world sparking insatiable interest and wonderment from artisans and art enthusiasts alike. Finding her passion for art early on, Musatto began to "draw on" her talents for painting and drawing. Residing in the rural suburbs west of Chicago and supported by her husband and two children she finds solace in sewing bits and pieces of fabric together watching limbs, torsos and features come to life. Most importantly, telling the story of each doll, are the enthralling faces hand-crafted by Musatto, which captivate even the most dispassionate observers. With just the right amount of whimsical embellishments and wonder, her inceptions peak a fury of wonder upon first glance.  Them Dollz are not just dolls. Delicately teetering on the cusp of delightfully dark and deviant, these conspicuous creations are currently residing in their temporary location; Musatto's artofme Etsy shop. From amusing monsters and quaint zombies to slightly erratic bunnies and wayward creatures, Them Dollz have earned Musatto a proud position on the Etsy Plush Team; a group of ├╝ber-unique and talented plush-makers from around the globe.

Wherever you may find yourself within the art world, whether an avid collector or just a casual admirer, Them dollz will surely conjure up our inextinguishable appreciation for plush art and may help subdue the cantankerous little monster in all of us.

Please join eve-N-odd at the opening of the Stuffed Bunny show this Saturday night from 8 pm to 11 pm.  It will be a busy night for the 600 block too because it will be the 600 Block after dark event!   Jen's art bunny doll, Gwin,  will be available for purchase. 


  1. Oh, I love Jen's work - thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Jen's work makes my big toe shoot up into my boot!