Tuesday, April 26, 2011

eve-N-odd will be closed Friday but, OPEN at MADE HERE!

"MADE HERE" is almost here! The FREE event is this Friday, April 29th
from 12-8PM at the Palmetto Art Center.

Imagine this: You are in a clean, welcoming space seeing neat things exceptional artists and craftspeople hand make. Live music is playing in the background. The artists and musicians live here; they might even be your neighbors. While you browse, you think of Mother's Day, end-of-school, graduation, birthdays, the hostess of your next invite...and you buy a few thoughtful, one-of-a-kind wares. When you are finished shopping, or if you're not a shopper, you might even skip right to this part: You trade your unwanted-but-in-good-condition craft supplies at the swap shop. You make something at the craft table with a little guidance from us and take it with you...this is fun and satisfying -no matter how old you are. You bring $5 and a t-shirt to be screen printed on the spot. You eat fresh, tasty, locally made edibles. You drink water, coffee, or soda. If it's after 4PM, you enjoy wine or beer. You mingle, you have fun, you get inspired, and you support your creative community.

Do you want to BE HERE? Bring your family and friends and enjoy
"MADE HERE" this Friday, April 29th from 12-8PM at the Palmetto Art Center.

Come see the new work of Jennifer Kosharek at this MADE HERE event! 

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