Sunday, November 18, 2012

Trinkets from Heaven 3

For the 3rd year in a row we'll be having a Trinkets From Heaven show! The concept is plenty of local art, affordable prices and beautiful unique gifts! The show will be for the whole month of December! Official opening will be the artwalk night, December 8th 6-10 pm!

The Last Vispo Anthology book launch!

eve-N-odd presents the Last Vispo Anthology...
a book launch!
Saturday, November 24th 6-9 pm
Prints on display and the book for sale!  
The Last Vispo Anthology has three purposes: to document the recent upsurge in visual poetry, to make visual poetry available to a wider audience, and to be used as a pedagogic tool in poetry and art curriculum at the secondary and post-secondary level. This anthology is global in scope with 148 contributors from 23 countries, with proportionally more women than previous anthologies. The Last Vispo documents a decade, 1998 to 2008, in which a burst of activity surfaced through the advent of computerization ...
across the world of visual poetry – similar to the mail art movement of the 1980s. The work in this decade pushed deeper by reveling in the semiotics of alphabets, the signifying contours of letters, words, phrases, and their concomitant spaces. Susan Tichy, professor of English at George Mason University, argues that in her graduate seminar on visual poetry, her students gain a broader sense of what a poem is, what a poet does. This anthology has the potential to stimulate emerging writers in ways that conventional curricula does not.

The Last Vispo Anthology extends the dialectic between art and literature that began with the concrete poetry movement fifty years ago.

Acutely aware that no major international anthology highlighting the cumulative wealth of visual poetry had been published since the 1970s, the editors began in 2008 to put such a book together, a selection of visual poetry created worldwide since 1998. Why 1998? Visual poetry appeared to be in a period of rapid expansion: for poets (new digital tools) and for readers (thousands and thousands of visual poems an internet click away). Even the mainstream magazine Poetry opened its pages for the first time to visual poems (and even more work was made available on-line). Dozens of blogs around the world post samples of visual poetry and review exhibitions and publications of visual poetry. The timing is right for a collective statement, for a big, brimming book of recent visual poetry.


Crag Hill & Nico Vassilakis

Thursday, November 1, 2012

HUGO Hallelujah!!

Artwalk night eve-N-odd gallery is thrilled to bring you local legend, Hugo Porcaro Jr. in his one man show: Hugo Hallelujah! Hugo Porcaro Jr. has been creating art in the area since the 1980s. His art has been heavily collected by locals but also has had a national and international platform. His portrait of the Clintons can be found at the Clinton Library in Little Rock, AR. Eckerd graduate, Hugo's work is very free flowing and whimsical. It has an unmistable style and brings delight to all that see it! Please join us on November 10th from 6-10pm for Hugo Porcaro Jr's one-man extravaganza at the eve-N-odd gallery!