Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sketchbook Pages of David Williams

Last Saturday night, I arrived late to the Artwalk event... after sunset to be exact.  I ran into Frank Strunk and David Williams.  Not literally, although I did have the chance to run them over as they crossed in front of my car.  But, who would want to do that?  Certainly not me.  Anyway, these two gents ended up coming by the eve-N-odd and David shared his sketchbook with me.  There is nothing more beautiful than a sketchbook... the pure unadulterated work and life of an artist.  Here are some scans that David decided to share with us.  I hope you enjoy taking a peek at the mind of David Williams. 

If you are interested in a sketchbook project... please look into doing THE SKETCHBOOK project hosted by Arthouse Coop.  I have done the project three years in a row.  I'm debating on doing it this year... "It's a big commitment!"  HERE IS THE LINK And if you would like to check out my sketchbook for the 2011 project... LOOK HERE!

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