Monday, October 10, 2011

Call for HIPSTAMATIC work!

Hipstamatic print art show:February 2012 at the Eve N odd gallery.  Call for entries!  1-3 photos per hipster—4”, 7” or 10” prints.  SASE for return.  65/35 split for sales.  THEME is: eve and/or odd celebrating the gallery’s one year anniversary.  Locals may drop off and pick up.  Otherwise send to: eve-N-odd gallery, 645 Central Avenue #11, St. Petersburg, FL 33701  direct questions to  THANKS! PHOTOS DUE FEBRUARY 1st 2012


  1. If you sell your work--you name your price--the artist gets 65% of the sale price and the gallery gets 35%. Does that make sense to you? Usually galleries take 40%-60%... so I do a better deal.

  2. Don't forget your self addressed stamped envelope for return postage...!!