Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Loop

THE LOOP is my first conceptual piece in the eve-N-odd gallery and of my own making.  (Jennifer Kosharek)
The Loop consists of a scroll of messages from an imaginary man and chronicles the last days of the relationship when he abruptly ends the connection.  There are around 300 text messages documented in an endless loop of paper.  Many people who get dumped in a relationship are left thinking about the horrible things the other person did to them.  What if you could just remember the positive things??  The Loop is about reliving, remembering the good times you had.  17 days or 17 years... it does not matter... take time... remember love.  Don't focus on the loss... just the good.  This is what the Loop is all about.  He gave me the 17 best days of my life. 

Fear makes us do strange things... we change our behavior because of fear in our lives.  The Loop is also a reminder to change your way of thinking--do not dwell on the negative.  Do not let the negatives in life keep you from living and having new adventures.  Do not be ruled by your fears.

The Loop scroll is in the middle of the gallery and takes up a lot of the space.  It makes coming into the gallery inconvenient and crowded.  Sometimes when someone new comes in to your life... this is how it feels at first--like a total inconvenience.  I wanted this art piece to interrupt the viewer from their normal movements and visual existence.  The Loop is an interruption in life. 

The eve-N-odd gallery will be open late February 9th for the Artwalk.  Join us from 6-10pm to see the Loop in person.

February 14th, Thursday from 5-6 the eve-N-odd gallery will be hosting performance art events.  If you would like to perform: poetry readings, fluxus performance, story telling... please email me at .  If you cannot make it yourself--I would be happy to perform the piece on your behalf. 

February 14th line up includes: Lydia Gottardi and Velva Lee Heraty and Jennifer Kosharek
Velva will be reading, "My Chocolate Loving Vampire". Emmanuel Roux is donating chocolate for the occasion. 

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