Sunday, September 29, 2013

October: Tara Radosevich

October at the eve-N-odd gallery!
Tara Radosevich's first ONE WOMAN SHOW:
 Tara Radosevich
OCTOBER 12th 7-10 pm
eve-N-odd gallery
645 Central Ave. #11
St. Petersburg, FL 33701 
contact: Jennifer Kosharek
Tara Radosevich was born on March 6,1990 in Saint Petersburg, FL. A local artist, she has participated in group shows around the St. Pete and Tampa area. This will be her first solo exhibition. Her work is primarily paintings and drawings that focus' on animals as the subject matter. She also loves to dabble in other mediums as well such as photography. Currently she attends the University of South Florida and will earn her Bachelor's in Fine Arts this December.
Show Statement
My process is the expulsion of the subconscious in reaction to the external. Deriving from my infatuation with folklore, wildlife, and the supernatural. My internal emotions and reactions to my external experiences manifest themselves into animal imagery. The paintings themselves become allegorical narratives composited of Symbolism, Surrealism, and Realism. The animal is as is; an emotion, a portrait, a memorable experience, or invoke its own symbolic origins unto the viewer. I am in search of this unison between the human and the beast-the importance of what exactly that animal means to us as the human species; in our dreams and our fears.

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