Sunday, May 29, 2011


No cost.
Vendors must bring their own table, chair, etc.
The International Etsy Meetup will be from 10 am to 6 pm.
The Globe Coffee Lounge will be providing a special menu so that vendors can do take out orders.  The Globe provides whole food and vegan lunches, desserts, and coffee!  The menu will be in your vendor info pack at check in, along with special coupons from CENTRAL ART SUPPLY.
*we need to keep a neat aisle in the arcade and we cannot block any doors.  There are bathrooms on site. The Arcade is a covered hallway that is not air-conditioned.  There are trees for shade on the 600 block.
Set up can start at 9 am and take down must be over by 7 pm.
If you can't stay the whole day--just let me know for planning purposes.
**It would be great if you could provide a sheet, a craft/activity, or anything else that would promote locals making!
***every vendor MUST promote the event on their blog/fb page/website, etc.  (please! and thank you!)
Thank you! YAY!!  Email me if you would like to set up for the day--

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