Monday, May 2, 2011

NEW SHOW: one woman show by DEMEREE of DemiGod Studio

Demeree is a mixed media artist based in Largo, Florida.  After exploring various
mediums in college, she received her degree in Photography and Art History.
Even though she still has an interest in these subjects, they are not at the
forefront of her work today.  She enjoys the tactile possibilities of her current
mediums of choice, found object sculpture, painting and printmaking.

Among her favorite places are well-stocked thrift stores, where she unearths
various object d’art to use in her artwork and inspire her in her home studio.
Demeree has some favorite finds, including weathered metal boxes, cobalt-
colored glassware and various religious iconography. The artist believes in the
idea that objects have souls and therefore, vintage items are a thing of beauty
to her.  Objects that have gained character as it has aged provide inspiration,
and she loves how the marks of time hint at a past life and the people that once
owned it.

She is always creating things because she surrounds herself with materials and
inspiration, so there are usually multiple projects in various stages of completion
all over her home studio, ranging from jewelry to linocuts.  She is constantly
trying something new, and lately she has been exploring the possibilities of
marrying found objects with ceramics.

The artist has participated in numerous handmade craft shows under the name
DemiGod Studio around St. Petersburg and Sarasota.  You can find her work in
small galleries and boutiques in those cities, as well as on online through Etsy.
Her plans for the future include more intricate mixed-media work, which she
plans to show in local galleries and exhibitions.

Please join eve-N-odd on May 14th for the opening of this wonderful one-woman show!

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