Thursday, August 4, 2011

If mail art is your thing... 5th annual Mail Art Show!

For years I have been doing group mail art shows... you might remember the first show was Self Portrait and was shown at the Globe Coffee Lounge in St. Petersburg.  The next show was called Chromatophore and was installed by me at the Studio @620.  Last year's show was UR Toy Story and was shown at Artpool on 1st Avenue north!  This year's show was called Utopia/Dystopia and was shown at eve-N-odd!  So now I am announcing the current mail art call:
Perhaps you are thinking of the lost art of letter writing... It is a lost art.  But, I'm not really thinking about traditional letters with this call...  I guess what I'm thinking about is the kind of letters that I send out... fully illustrated... or collaged...mixed with hand written statements and even poetry.  But, like any art show, your work is your own... and must be interpreted by you.  And perhaps I am asking something too difficult and time consuming... the choice is yours!  I don't mind if the future show will be quaint and fantastic... I'm kinda hoping for that. 

Art Letters can be sent to:

Jennifer Kosharek
eve-N-odd gallery
645 Central Ave #11
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

All work will be documented on
No work will be returned.
All work will be part of the Kosharek mail art archives.
And I probably won't have time to write you back.  You should feel free to write to anyone that you see on my blog. 

Due Date is August 1, 2012
Happy Writing!


  1. Wow--how fun! I think I have to do this. And that's a great idea to write to others on your blog.

    My blog is if you don't mind me adding it here. I'm another mail artist. I will post a link to your call for entries on my next post.

    Happy Mail!

  2. Mail me art has 2 exhibitions, and over 1300 mail arts.