Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recent trip to Calgary: Kensington Interaction

"Neil Egsgard invests in what he calls social capital.  Instead of buying a bigger television or a faster car Neil spends his free time and extra cash on starting community projects.  Founder of the Kensington Interaction, Neil transformed an old boarded up window on a main street in Kensington into a public art space and a mural that reflects the hardware store’s history in the neighbourhood." --via http://www.design4change.ca/dowhatyoulove/lunch-time-speakers/

The Kensington Interaction is about art... sharing art... giving and taking art.  I think it's a beautiful idea and one that I suggested to local city planners in a meeting a few weeks ago.  Here is some pics from the board...   HERE!  I love leaving art there.  And when I'm not there... my friend, Ross leaves things on our behalf.  In the photos above... I left several pieces of works on paper... and one snowman to advertise the call for art for the snowman window display... (due November 1st!)  I hope that some local Calgary artists contribute to the project!  

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