Monday, August 15, 2011

Ahhh... so much to do, such little time!

Announcing a new call for work... yes, you might be saying to yourself... there are other calls for work... let me list them...
#1 Send a postcard for the F**K the big C show... these will be sold for $5 and all the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society St. Petersburg Chapter.  See the LINK here for information about this aspect of the show. 

#2. Send a 2-d snowman for the snowman group installation window display show--work will not be returned.  2-d cutouts are best! 

#3 Mail art is an ongoing thing... check out my calls HERE.

#4 Trinkets from Heaven group show... art under $20 in the gallery for the month of December.  Artists get 65% of their sale price.  Contact to be a part of this show!  Looking for hand made, one of a kind items with saleability! 

#5  The T-SHIRT SHOW.  Original art on a t-shirt.  Any size.  Gallery will keep 35% of sale price, artist gets 65%.  Show opening January 14th.  T-shirt due January 1st!  So get started on your own T-shirt design!  More info to come! 

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